Satipaṭṭhāna Indonesia Foundation will hold Dhammatalk Online by Ven. Tharmanaykyaw Sayādaw (Sayādaw Ashin Dhammikālaṅkārābhivaṃsa) at:

Day / date: Sunday, 15 November 2020
Time. : 15.00 - 16.30 Indonesia/ Thailand time
Topic: Sakuṇagghi Sutta

Meeting ID: 818 6465 7656
Passcode: S@kun@gghi
For those who have questions to Sayadaw regarding the Dhammatalk topic above and meditation can be emailed to no later than 11th November 2020.

Information: Evi +62 815 955 6300; Bun bun +62 811 154 5560
Dhammatalk: Sakuṇagghi Sutta

Tharmanaykyaw Sayadaw is the name for Ven. Sayādaw Ashin Dhammikālaṅkārābhivaṃsa. Sayādaw was born on July 28, 1956 and became a novice at the age of 11. He received full ordination as a Bhikkhu at the age of 20 under the guidance of Mahāgandhāyon Sayādaw Ashin Janakābhivaṃsa, who was also his ordained teacher.

He received the titles Tharmanaykyaw, the titles Dhammācariya and Sakyasiha, and held the highly respected title Abhivaṃsa.

He started practicing meditation as a novice, and later stayed at the Mahāsī Meditation Center for 8 years and when Paṇḍitarāma Sayādaw U Paṇḍita moved to his new meditation center, he helped Sayādawgyī to set up the Paṇḍitārāma Meditation Center.

Since 2006, he has been staying at the Tharmanaykyaw Mahāgandhāyon Center, Mawbin, Myanmar. He gave vipassanā instructions to yogis, taught Pali to monks, novices, sayalays and children, and worked actively for the preservation and dissemination of Buddhasāsana. He has written over a hundred books so far, and has visited countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada, and the United States to conduct meditation retreats.

In 2018, the Myanmar government awarded him the title "Aggamahāganthavācakapaṇḍita" (Master Dhamma Scholar Master), which is the highest title given to those who are competent to teach the Dhamma