Date of Birth. 12 th Oct 1968
Regisration No, 12/ Ba Ha Na(sa) 002790 
Birthplace. Sagaing Towinship. Sagaing Division, Myanmar Novocain . At the age of13 years, on. 21st February 1981 (2nd Waxing day of Dagu 1343 ME ) under the proper Dhamma guidance of preceptor Sayadaw Ven. Tikkhasara of Taunggyar monastery ,Taunggyar village, Sagaing Township.

Higher ordination , On 12th February 1989 (7th Waxing day of Dabotwe.) ordained under the guidance of the preceptor Ven Tikkhasara in the ordination hall of Ahneesakhan Monastery, Sagaing hill, Sagaing Township.

Meditation practice: In 2003, during the Vassa, three months intensive meditation retreat at main Mahasi Meditation Center Yangon and meditation Teacher Training Course at the same center.

Educational Qualification; (1) Basic Level (Pathama nge) (2) Intermediate level (Pathama lat) (3) Higher level (Pathama Gyi) (4) Teacher ship level equivalent to Master Degree Dhammarcariya) and Certificate of Meditation teacher ship for Foreign mission in 2008. 

Religious Activities; For four years, took service Meditation Instructor and Dhamma Preacher in the Center for Foreign Meditation Supervisor Committee and for six months went USA to preach Dhamma. 

Now takes active services Meditation teacher and Dhamma preacher in his own Meditation center named Shwe Si Thar , at Shukhinthar Ward Thaketa Township Yangon Division.

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Sayadaw Therananda